Optimum EasyLift vacuum lifting devices


Optimum EasyLift vacuum lifting devices

Optimum Handling Solutions presents a range of vacuum lifting devices designed to safely, efficiently and ergonomically handle almost any type of load.

A proven solution for increasing productivity and eliminating risk of injury associated with lifting and handling, Optimum EasyLift vacuum lifter meets the demands of operators and businesses for reliable performance, reduced power consumption, maximum operating safety, minimised injury risk, higher productivity as well as low investment and operational costs.

Optimum’s EasyLift vacuum lifting devices are designed for simple operation. The vacuum lifter device is lowered onto the intended load until the chains hang loosely. An internal valve activates the vacuum generation process, and as the device is lifted, the vacuum securely grips the load ready for transport.

The load is released by lowering the lifting tackle until the chains hang loosely again. The vacuum lifting device releases the load and is ready for the next lifting cycle. No electricity or compressed air is used to operate the self-powered EasyLift as the vacuum lifting device uses the power of the lifting tackle to generate the vacuum. When the crane or chain hoist begins to lift the EasyLift vacuum lifter, the necessary vacuum depending on the weight of the load is generated automatically.

OHS EasyLift Vacuum Lifter is used extensively by many industries, engineering units, manufacturers, warehouses and distribution terminals. Offering a lifting capacity up to 270kg, the device can lift almost anything including sacks, bags, boxes, cartons, cases, drums, rolls, pails, doors, glass, timber, steel and plastic sheets among others. The OHS EasyLift Vacuum Lifter features an ergonomically designed combination handle, which is manipulated with minimum effort to operate the system. The equipment can easily be adjusted to the optimum working height of each individual operator. Safe operation is ensured by an electronic warning device with integrated battery-test function as well as an easily visible, integrated manometer for visual monitoring of the vacuum.

Key benefits of OHS EasyLift vacuum lifting devices:

  • >   Available in a wide range of configurations with different manipulator handles
  • >   Capable of lifting up to 270kg
  • >   Increases productivity per person by four times
  • >   Safe, precise and reliable handling prevents breakages, physical damage
  • or long term workplace injuries
  • >   Single person operation replaces need for 2-4 persons to load and
  • unload the machines

Optimum Handling Solutions offers complete vacuum lifting, vacuum handling solutions in addition to an extensive range of material handling.



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