Optimum offers Pal-Evator® Scissor Lift Tables for hire...

Optimum Handling Solutions offers Pal-Evator® scissor lift tables for hire

The Pal-Evator ® Scissor Lift Tables from Optimum Handling Solutions are now available for short or long term hire to approved customers.

Companies requiring materials handling equipment for short durations during busy periods or for trials can take advantage of this offer on economical terms.

Pal-Evator scissor lift tables are designed for applications that require a comfortable working height to be maintained when loading or unloading pallets.

Featuring a simple spring scissor lift design, the Pal-Evator ® does not require power or air supply for operation. The automatic height adjustment and rotating turntable eliminate the bending and stretching normally encountered when stacking or unstacking pallets.

Simple removal or re-insertion of the springs, which are colour coded for easy identification allows the load capacity to be adjusted quickly.

Key features of Pal-Evator® Scissor Lift Tables:

  • >   Simple spring scissor lift design eliminates need for power or air supply
  • >   Colour-coded springs can be removed or re-inserted to adjust load capacity
  • >   Easily relocatable with a forklift
  • >   Also available with an optional mobility kit
  • >   Ideal for large load-out areas where multiple pallets are being stacked at a time
  • >   Available in powder coated, galvanised or stainless steel construction



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