Optimum solves odd pallet size for Carpet Company.

Optimum solves odd pallet size for Carpet Company.
Having problems finding the right manual handling product to suit your exact requirements? We’ve had customers with this problem before…
This is why Optimum Handling Solutions doesn’t just sell products but also presents customised solutions to all customers experiencing manual handling difficulties.
Optimum recently provided a large carpet manufacturing company with a custom width high lift pallet truck.
Our client was having a major problem with sourcing a pallet truck with extra width fork spacing to suit their own plastic pallet, so the Optimum team custom modified our standard high lift pallet truck to suit their exact specifications.
If you can’t find the product you need for your workplace then ask our Opti-fab designers to help build a material handling solution to your own requirements. Opti-Fab designs and manufactures quality lifting and handling products and is here to customise products to suit the environment which it will be placed in.
Whether it is a narrow scissor lift table, a custom conveyor system or simply an everyday pallet truck modified to suit, Optimum Handling Solutions has what it takes to provide their customers with fabulous materials handling innovations where ergonomics is in action!
Phone our experienced consultants on 1800 066 008 and put us to the test with your custom requirements today! Because we don’t just sell products, we sell solutions…



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