Store your Dangerous Goods the safe way!

Storage and handling of dangerous goods in accordance with Australian standards is accepted as being an important part of having a compliant solution for meeting legislative requirements in relation to the goods. If you store dangerous goods, even in minor quantities (in some cases less than the contents of a 205 litre drum), there is an obligation to do so in accordance with the principles and guidelines set down in this Standard. Even relatively small quantities of flammable & combustible liquids (e.g. paints and thinners, certain inks and even alcohol) should be stored in approved flammable liquids cabinets.
Optimum Handling Solutions has a comprehensive range of dangerous goods storage cabinets specially designed to assist you in the safe and compliant storage of all hazardous material and substances. Whether you are storing flammable, toxic or corrosive liquids Optimum has the solution.
Optimum’s internal dangerous goods storage cabinets provide an ideal indoor storage solution for smaller bottles and drums capacities from just 30L to a huge 850L. With adjustable internal shelving and gas strut assisted locking doors these cabinets are very user friendly.
The Optimum range of outdoor re-locatable dangerous goods stores provides a user friendly and space efficient solution to all industry types where higher storage volumes of 205L drums or IBC’s are required without the problems and expense associated with building fixed stores. With capacities ranging from just 820L up to a massive 26,000L these units will provide a safe solution for your storage requirements.
All dangerous goods cabinets by Optimum Handling Solutions are manufactured in Australia and built to Australian standards.  The entire range of dangerous goods cabinets offers an unmatched level of quality, durability and unique features.

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