Telescopic Belt Conveyors

Telescopic Belt

Optimum Telescopic Belt Conveyors, also known as cantilevered booms or extendable conveyors, will load/unload virtually any loose item quickly, safely and efficiently. By extending directly into the trailer without the need of support Optimum Handling Solutions will significantly reduce load/unload times. The Optimum Telescopic Belt Conveyor is a modern and robust conveyor designed to provide superior service and reliability.

  • Available boom extensions 5.0 - 16.0 metres
  • 0 - 30 metres / minute line speed
  • All rolling components have lifetime sealed bearings
  • Can be safely operated by just one person.
  • Front of boom is always at the loading / unloading face reducing physical effort, lifting, carrying and back strain.
  • 30 metres / minute belt speed provide rapid load / unload capability.
  • Two heavy duty halogen lights provide illumination directly into the loading area.
  • All rolling components have lifetime lubricated sealed bearings and crowned belt rollers ensuring accurate belt tracking.


  • Reduces loading / unloading times
  • Reduces risk of workplace injury to operators
  • Reduces risk of damage to products
  • Reduces shipping costs
  • Increases safety, efficiency and productivity


An extensive range of Boom Conveyor options are available to meet your specific loading/unloading requirements;-

  • Traverse
  • Raised Belt Transfer
  • Hydraulic Tilt
  • High Level Mounting
  • Operator Platform
  • Telescopic Ventilation

Standard Dimensions - 40'
Telescopic Belt Conveyor
Model Reach Retracted Extended Height
LR4160 16.0m 7.0m 23.0m 935mm
LR4120 12.0m 5.5m 17.5m 935mm
LR3150 15.0m 8.0m 23.0m 795mm
LR3120 12.0m 7.0m 19.0m 795mm
LR2120 12.0m 8.5m 20.5m 635mm

Standard Dimensions - 20'

Telescopic Belt Conveyor
Model Reach Retracted Extended Height
LR3100 10.0m 5.9m 15.9m 795mm
LR380 8.0m 5.0m 13.0m 745mm
LR360 6.0m 4.0m 10.0m 695mm
LR290 9.0m 7.0m 16.0m 635mm
LR260 6.0m 5.0m 11.0m 585mm
LR260 5.0m 4.2m 9.2m 585mm


Belt Speed 30 metres/minute (other speeds on request)
Belt Power 1.5 - 3.0 kw (according to size and duty)
Telescoping Speed 18 metres / minute
Telescoping Power 0.37 - 0.75 kw
Conveyor Capacity 50kg/m U.D.L. at full extension
Belt Type 2 ply PVC low stretch anti-static
Belt Width 600mm (other widths are available on request)
Overall Width 1000mm nominal
Mains Voltage 415 volt 3 phase (other voltages available on request)
Control Voltage 24 volt AC/DC
Electrical Protection IP55

Dockless Trailer Loader

The unique Optimum Dockless Trailer Loader delivers outstanding carton-loading performance and value in small - medium warehouses without loading docks. Optimum Dockless Trailer Loader are designed specifically for use in premises without a raised loading dock, which makes it ideal for loading vans and other smaller vehicles. Using this unit makes your vehicle loading/unloading operation faster, safer and more efficient, and helps you comply with manual handling regulations.
  • Trailer penetration of 8.5 metres
  • 22 metres / minute belt speed
  • Easy to manoeuvre on robust 200mm locking castors
  • Simple to operate
  • Available with gravity skatewheel or powered roller tongue
  • Easy to manoeuvre for multi-door applications
  • Suitable for 20 foot and 40 foot trailers
  • Easily connects to Best flexible conveyors for continuous conveying

  • Construction – Heavy duty construction and supporting frame work make Dockless Trailer Loader s one of the most robust units of its type on the market.
  • Shrouded Buttons – To limit the damage to emergency stops, Best conveyors add fabricated steel shrouds to the exposed emergency stop buttons.
  • Fully Guarded – All moving or rotating parts are fully guarded to prevent entrapment and injury.
  • Mobile – Units are fully mobile utilising ø200mm heavy duty castors.
  • Power – Normally powered via a simple 240Vac plug connection. 110Vac and 415Vac versions are available. Each unit comes with ancillary sockets to power adjoining flexible conveyors.
Dockless Conveyor
Gravity Skatewheel Extending Tongue 3000mm 1000mm 900 - 2400mm 600 -1150mm 8500mm
Powered Roller Extending Tongue 3000mm 1000mm 900 - 2400mm 600 - 1150mm 8500mm

Model DTL/GT
Power Supply Single phase x 240v x 50 Hertz- 0.37kw drive
Belt Material Two ply, high grip, rough top finish
Effective Width 600mm
Surface Speed 22 metres per minute
Weight 950kg
Chassis Construction Heavy gauge fabricated hollow steel section
Castors 150/200mm dia/swivel/braked
Forward/Reverse/Stop Controls located on both sides of infeed boom
Capacity 40kgs per metre

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